Wizards of Black Circle
Members Ogron, Anagan, Gantlos and Duman
Powers and Abilities Capture Fairies and steal their powers.

Absorb magic and become stronger and turn injuries into power (Ogron) Super speed (Anagan) Seismic and sound waves (Gantlos) Shapeshifting (Duman)

Origins Earth
First appearance The Fairy Hunters

The Wizards of Black Circle (also known as The Fairy Hunters) are the main antagonists of Season 4 and have a somewhat punk/gothic look, though in flashbacks, they were shown to have been wearing armor in medieval times. Their main purpose is to capture all the Earth Fairies and steal their magic powers to become the masters of the Earth. To capture the fairies, they use a magic object called the Black Circle from which they get their name.

The Member Of The Black Circle

  • Orgron-He Is The Leader Of The Black Circle.
  • Anagan-He has the power of super speed.
  • Gantlos-He has the power of sound and seismic Waves.
  • Duman-He has the power of shape shifting.


Season 4

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