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17 Of The Start Of Winx Club

is a character and one of the protagonists of the Winx Club animated series. Although she receives a small role in the first season, she has a larger storyline in the second one. She also appears in the video games for the Winx Club.Alos Flora Is Shy.


Flora is a very sweet, shy, genuine, and a calm person. She loves plants of any kind! She is very cautious of her actions and tries not to do anything that could result in getting herself or the other Winx in trouble. She is shown to be aggresive at times, especially if nature is in danger. She cares about nature and doesn't want to hurt it.

Flora In Her Believeix


Flora Meets Helia In Season 2 They Fall In Love And Flora UnderStans Helia's Art Work Helia Knows Everything About Flora But Flora Asks Ashia To Spy On Helia For her So What Helia Does But A Few Days Ashia Goes In Helia's Room and Reads His "Plays".

Season 5

Trix Tricks

Flora,Stella,Musa Goes To Linphea To Find The Gem Of Flower But The Winx Saw Oil In The Flower.The Flower Can Eat Anyone or Hurt anyone but Flora Used Her Powers To Do It But Desyiree Was Hurt By Ashia's Cousin So Flora And Deyiree Bonded.

Magical abilities

Flora's power is Nature, so her attacks relate to plants and flowers. She can talk to plants, bring them to life, and also help them grow, nurturing them when they are sick. In season 1, she used to experiment a lot with her plants and it drove the other girls crazy. Flora dislikes harming others, so her attacks are mostly constricting or defensive at most. She can also hear the voice of Nature at times. She also knows a lot of simple spells, like swapping objects and summoning creatures to aid her and her friends.

List Of Spells

  • Green Ivy
  • Nature Dust
  • Nature Kick
  • Autumn Wind
  • Breath Of Nature
  • Summer Thunder
  • Golden Pollen
  • Venus Gobbler
  • Nature's Symphony
  • Rose Kiss

Flora's Gallery